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Joyful Creations (Website) - 4/17/2010 by Joyce
Since this week is the start of Earth Week and we are all talking about reduce, reuse, and recycle.....I figure this is a perfect time to share Paperback Swap!

I have been a member of PaperBack Swap since Spring of 2009 and I LOVE it! First, I went through all of our paperback books, found 10 that we really did not read or need, posted them and got my free credits! Then with the free credits I ordered a few books we needed for MFW! Then before I knew it books were being requested from me. So a few dollars...usually about 2.38 a book...... I was shipping off books and getting credits. I have been able to request tons of our MFW books this way! Saving me tons of money! I can't even get most of them this cheap at used books sales! This site makes it so easy to find even the "hard to find" books!

How it works:
1. Sign up here. (This is my personal link and I will get a book credit just for you joining and posting your books! But, the best part is then you can refer your friends and get credits, too!
2. Post 10 books to get free credits. 9you use the ISBN number, so posting is a breeze!
3.Start browsing for the books you'd really like to be reading and make you requests
1.The books you request are totally free to you! The sender agrees to mail the book to you at their expense.
2. You will be asked to mail a book to anyone who requests it from you.....but like I said the cost of shipping is usually well under what you would pay for the book anywhere else. But, you will need to take the shipping into account when you post...I usually do not post very heavy books or hardcover books bc their shipping will be more.
3. You can put conditions on your book requests...this way you don't get a smokey or mildew smelling book, etc. These are part of my conditions, along with no torn pages.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll answer it asap or email me:)

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