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10 Ways To Save By Going Green

U.S News & World Report (Website) - 3/8/2010 by Maura Judkis
The era of new American frugality ushered in by the recession has an added benefit. Many measures that families take to cut costs in tough times—turning down the heat or shopping secondhand, for example—are also good for the planet. "Our carbon footprint is directly tied to our consumption, whether that's consumption of energy or a consumer product," says Josh Dorfman, host of the Sundance Channel show The Lazy Environmentalist and author of the book and blog of the same name. Whether people realize it or not, cutting back has made them accidental environmentalists.

"Certainly, saving money is more important to most people than going green," says Dorfman. "For people to green their lifestyle, the solutions have to fit how they live. I think there are a lot of ways to make that possible." Below, you'll find 10—all of which will minimize not only your footprint but also your spending

6. Buy none, get one free. The best way to save money, of course, is to pay nothing at all—and for free goods, one should look no further than the computer screen. "The trend is towards this community online where people can share or trade what they have and save money," says Dorfman. Freecycle, the pioneer of the bunch, is an online community where people can post items they want to give away or items they want, finding a new home for old stuff. Based on that model, there's Zwaggle, a community for new parents, and Goozex, where video gamers can swap their old games. Those on SwapStyle trade fashionable clothing, while NeighborGoods facilitates the sharing of tools and household items. There's even the self-explanatory PaperBackSwap. "In a time where we're so concerned about our budgets, these solutions that aren't necessarily designed to be green still enable us to live well," says Dorfman. "A byproduct of that is we consume less and reduce our impact."

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