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Barter Cents - Getting What You Want (Website) - 3/22/2010 by ie2216
Barter Is Still Thriving!

With today's economy, 'Barter Trade' is just a great way to get the things you really want, without spending any money. You just trade or swap one item or service for another of equal value.

I was first introduced to bartering over 30 years ago when my newlywed husband offered to barter his boat to raise the roof on our house. I was shocked and a little embarrassed, to say the least, that people actually did this. But apparently, using the barter system was the method my new husband grew up with. ( I was wondering why he always had multiples of items he had no need for.)

But, I must admit, that bartering on-line or at swap meets has allowed us to get more of the good things in life.

Today, bartering has been steadily gaining in renewed interest. As a result, many new websites have evolved dedicating themselves to barter exchange. It's easy to do and it's fun!

What is Bartering?
As a child, most of us used the barter system at one time or another. For example, if your friend had a marble you wanted, you just traded something else for it. Or, if your mother gave you another apple in your lunch, you may have traded the apple for your friend's cookie.

As an adult, you may have traded gas in exchange for a ride to work. Or, perhaps you mowed your neighbor's lawn in exchange for your neighbor changing the oil in your car.

In short, bartering is the exchange of goods or services without using any cash. And, barter exchanges are websites matching up bartering consumers with very specific goods and services. Barter transactions can also be in the form of barter trade dollars or barter time exchanges.

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