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Things I Love (Website) - 3/11/2010 by Kathy
I am an avid reader. Well, I used to be and sometimes still am. I have the unfortunate need to finish whatever book Iíve started Ė before I go to bed. Thatís right, I need to read them in one sitting. I am so jealous of those people who read every night before they go to bed. Canít do it. Well, I can, but then I donít sleep well. I think about the plot and how itís going to end. I need the closure. This is all for fiction of course. Non-fiction, I can put down. Which may be why I donít read it as much.

I listed my reading goals for the year earlier back in January. I already had several of the books on that list, but I needed to obtain the rest. My favorite way to get books Ė If you arenít using and you read, you are SO missing out. Itís the best place to get books and to get rid of books.

Basically the way it works is that you list the books you want to get rid of and then get credits when people ask for them. Yes, you have to pay shipping to get those books out of your house. However, you can send them media mail and so itís rarely much over $2. Once the receiver marks your book as received, you get a credit which can be used to order a book from the website. That means youíre getting a book for around $2, which is less than most used book stores. The best part Ė there are literally millions of books posted so you can search to find that exact book youíre looking for. And, your book will probably be mailed pretty quickly. The exception of course is current best sellers. There is always a waiting list for those. The website explains it even better here.

I put two of the Princessís books in the mail yesterday. I purchased the postage right on the site so I didnít have to go to the post office and got instant credit. They went in the mail yesterday, and I can now order two more books if I want to. has really come in handy as the Princess has begun to devour a book a day. She seems to have the same problem as her mommy and finishes books at an insane rate. She also likes book series. So, itís great to get a bit ahead of her! Sheís got two left in Magic Tree House, is on the last Harry Potter, and is waiting for the next Kingdom Keepers to come out. Sheís read every Captain Underpants and almost every Geronimo Stilton. Any other series we should try? Ė I love it! And you will too! If you decide to try it out, tell them ďkathillĒ sent you.
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