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Read More, Pay Less

ChangeUp Magazine/NYC/DC (Magazine) - 2/16/2010 by Summer Robinson
Most people who love to read hate the prices of books. A hardcover book can cost around $25. With the economy the way it is, thatís a lot of money to spend on a book. Even cheaper paperbacks that run $7.99 each add up quickly. A great solution for this is to use a swapping site. One of the most common to use is This site makes swapping books very convenient with search box allows for easy searching and requesting of books.

A wish list can be set up to order a book right away once it becomes available or an email can be sent instead. Each member lists books and then pays the shipping to send the book to whoever requested it. Then once the person marks the book received, the sender get a credit to use towards getting a book. There is also a feature that gives instant credit for a book if the shipping label is paid for a printed directly from the site.

The best part about this site is that swapping isnít required to take advantage of the great price. Credits can be bought for $3.50 each and can be used to order books from other members. That means that the books cost $3.50 each instead of the normal $8- $25 that they cost in a book store. Even better, if the book gets lost in the mail the credit is returned to the account. The savings from using this site can add up amazingly fast. Ten books at $7.99 would cost almost $80 at a book store, while the swapping site is only $35. Less then half the price! And thatís if the book is a $7.99 book, if a book is normally $25, thatís a savings of $21.50. This site is a great way to get more books for less money.

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