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Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits

ABC 2 (TV) - 7/28/2009 by Sara Noel
There are children's books that can help teach principles of frugality. Books can be cheap on the wallet and educational yet entertaining for kids. First, you have to put away any negative thoughts about giving kids used books (even as gifts). It gives a pre-owned book a new life. Consider that children read used books in school and from the library, so there's no reason they can't enjoy a used book from you. You can fill an entire children's home library on used books and save yourself a bundle.

Yes, the public library is free, but having their own books at their fingertips means they can pick one up any moment of the day without leaving home. It helps teach young children responsibility for their belongings, too. Places to get cheap used books include thrift stores, garage sales, online auctions, swap Web sites such as and, library-book sales or used-book stores. Chances are you'll find some books for yourself, too. If you grow tired of them, you can always swap, donate or sell them. If you come across any in your travels that are tattered or missing pages, you can use them for crafts such as making bookmarks, ornaments or gift tags, scrapbooking or decoupage, too.
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