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Swapping Books For Savings

WRBL News 3/Columbus, GA (TV) - 5/8/2009 by By Kelly O'Connell Reporter
Because of the tough economic times, many people will be staying closer to home this summer and passing on the vacations.
But, there is a cheap and easy way to keep yourself and your kids entertained at home.

It looks like a library- shelves and shelves full of books.
But it’s really just one woman’s collection.

“Growing up we didn’t get Barbie dolls and toys, we got books. So I’ve had a love of reading from day one,” says Sandi Voyles.

But that love and passion can get expensive.

“As the economy got worse, bills went up, money went down, I started to look at how I could get books without spending so much money,” says Voyles.

So, Sandi Voyles turned to
It’s like e-bay for books.

“The more books you send out the more credits you get,” says Voyles.

It works like this- you sign up- for free- to list your books you’re willing to swap.
Other members can see your books and request them- you can do the same from their lists. gives you the mailing address to send off your books- but you pay the shipping.
The books you request come right to your mailbox.

“Rather than going to a book store and paying $20, I pay $2.25 and I get the same book in excellent condition,” says Voyles.

For every book you send out, you get one credit.
You can then use that credit to request a book.
Voyles says it’s not a lot of work but a lot of gain.

“I’ve gotten books from Washington State, California, Vermont, Florida, even Puerto Rico. It’s a lot of fun,” says Voyles.

It’s not just books- there are also sites where you can swap CDs and DVDs.
To learn more about all of the swapping sites, visit
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