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Birds Of A Feather - In This Case, Scavengers - Gather Together

San Francisco Chronicle (Newspaper) - 4/18/2009 by Reyhan Harmanci, Special to The Chronicle
The streets are paved with gold! Here are some expert tips on how, where to find it

While Rufus and Lawson, frankly, don't want more competition when scanning the Bay Area for new scavenged finds, they do offer some tips:

Scavenge online: It's no secret that Craigslist has a free section - and you'd be amazed at what can be found if one is willing to haul things away. Rufus and Lawson also recommend as a way to get (and give) things for free. Also, scanning through the estate and garage sale listings, on Craigslist and newspaper listings, can help direct a weekend morning's tour. For the more committed scavenger, there are a host of online swapping services, from books ( to couches (
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