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Hints For Hard Times Some Businesses Can Save You Money And Bring You Happiness, Even If Youíre Broke

The Sunday Paper (Newspaper) - 3/8/2009 by Diane Loupe
Iíve been a semi-employed, stay-at-home mother since late 1999. I earn a few bucks by freelance writing or substitute teaching, professions that are in no danger of making me rich, J.K. Rowling aside.

And yet, though I may not wear Oscar de la Renta (unless I found it at a thrift store), my credit is excellent, Iím in no danger of defaulting on my home mortgage, I own and manage a rental property and credit card offers fill my mailbox.

My main secret is a husband who earns a decent, but not Buckhead-enviable, salary. But a stable paycheck isnít the only secret to living well on a budget.

If youíre squeaking by, hereís some advice from reputable local sources that could help you live better on less.


If you like to read, you already know about your local library. You can also recycle your used books and CDs through a Georgia-based company called Paperback Swap ( You get credits for mailing your books to someone else, and the site lets you buy and print postage from your computer, so you donít have to wait in line at the post office. Then you can use your credits to shop for posted books.

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