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Swapping And Saving (Website) - 3/2/2009 by Staff
If you read a lot and like free books, you could join and swap titles by mail.

When you join, you list nine of your own books and receive "credits" on the site. You can chose any book on the swap list in exchange for credits, and the book will be mailed to you. If someone requests one of your books, you need to print out a mailing label (which doubles as a wrapper) and pay $2.33 in postage to send to the requester. Once the book is mailed, you'll get credit for the swap.

Paperback books typically cost about $7.99, so the price saved per book is $5.66, if you factor in having to pay postage. If no one ever requests one of the titles you've listed, your savings for the books you receive is more.

If you read two books each month for six months, the savings is $67.92.
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