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Tricks Of The Trade

Tulsa World (Website) - 2/15/2009 by By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Scene Writer
Seeking cheaper ways to acquire something to read

Swap You

PaperBackSwap, on the other hand, requires only that you be willing to pony up postage to trade books.

Richard Pickering came up with the idea for this company in 2004, when he was contemplating the mass of paperbacks he had accumulated to pass the time during his business travels.

PaperBackSwap requires that new members register at least 10 books with which they wish to part on its Web site (

This earns two credits, which are the currency of the club. If someone wants one of the books you have listed as available, you receive an e-mail that includes the address of the recipient. You are then responsible for packing and shipping the book, including paying the postage.

Getting rid of books earns you credits that you spend when you request and receive titles. The books that you want will cost you one credit (or two for audiobooks).

Right now, it costs nothing to be a member of PaperBackSwap, although the Web site states that it may become necessary to charge of membership fee in the future.
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