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3 Other Sites Like For Trading Used Books

Associated Content (Newspaper) - 10/4/2007 by Pam Gaulin
Web Site Address:

First, let's cover is all the rage right now. Right now it's free to trade used books at, as long as you are willing to pay for postage. What's really useful and easy about is that they will print the postage for you (yes, gets a cut). admits right up front that in the future they may charge $10 or $20 for membership.

Currently there are 1,579,222+ books available to swap at

In addition to being a place to trade books, people are flocking to because of their referral system that gives you credit and "PBS" or money.

Web Site Address:, is not so much a place to trade books as it is a place to track traded books. Part social network, part swap media, part message in a bottle, partgeocaching for books, BookCrossing is one interesting concept.

People leave books in public places, where others may find them, take them home and read them. Hopefully that person will log on to theBookCrossing site and post that they have found one of the books.

So why is BookCrossing listed here with sites like Because there is a list of books that are still "in the wild." Look up your city to find the list of books that have "been released" into your city.

BookCrossing is a unique way to connect with other readers, and to find and share free used books.
Web Site is another web site where you can trade used or unwanted books. uses a flat rate shipping of $4.49, and you can print the postage at home. is not technically free, because they use the flat fee of $4.49 to ship books. The fee covers their costs, according to
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