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The Internet... Sites For Swapping Books

The Week (Magazine) - 3/28/2008 by Staff has members create an inventory of the books they want to give away and a wish list of those they want to own. They can choose new reading material from a library of "some 75,000 titles," all made available by others members. Membership is free, but you can't obtain a book until you've contributed one. makes exchanging "hassle-free." You're not required to find a trading partner, each book costs only $4.49 regardless of weight, and the site covers "postage, shipment tracking, and even the costs of replacing lost or damaged books." lets you pick from more than 1 million books made available by fellow bibliophiles. You pay nothing for them except for postage, as long as you donate your own. "Don't be fooled by the name." Hardbacks can be found here, too.

Source: Black Enterprise & The New York Times
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