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Paperbackswap (Website) - 2/4/2007 by Amanda
Paperback Swap

Welcome to Paperback Swap, a site recommended by one of my readers after they saw my write up on BookMooch. This site is completely dedicated to paperbacks though. I have to say that I love this site's layout. Everything is so easy to find and there was nothing I had to search for too long.

I started my visit by clicking the “How Does it Work”? link on the side menu, which took me to a page that has a video of news coverage about this site. It also had a six step concise description of how it works. If you still have questions after that, there is a link that takes you to the Help Center where you can get more information. Beneath all of that, there is some text that explains the mission statement of the site as well.

Of course, to use the site, you will have to register. To do so, click the Register link on the side menu. Fill out the forms, agree to the terms of service after reading them and then you’ll be all set. Right now, the membership is free and you’ll be signed up as a charter member.

There are also some really fun parts to this site that have nothing to do with the swap. You’ll find them under Additional Services, Book Discussions and Misc. You can keep a Book Journal or take part in The Eclectic Pen, where writers post stories and can interact with each other through a forum style area. Now, that’s just a tiny taste of what you can do here!

If you’ve got paperbacks lying around your house (I know I do), this is a great way to get rid of them and clear out some of your clutter!

~ Amanda
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