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Help Center - How does the Vacation Hold affect active requests/Wish List Holds?

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It does not affect them.

The Vacation Hold does not affect already-active requests, Wish List Holds, or Wish List offers.

  • Books that are already involved in an active request will not be affected by the Hold.
    • Any book request that was submitted before the Hold went into effect will not be affected by the Hold
    • Any book request you submit at any time (before, during or after the Hold) will not be affected by the Hold.
  • This means that all auto-emails associated with an active transaction will be sent to you as usual
    • You will still get auto-emails asking if you have received a book that is en route to you 14 and 21 days and 25 days after the book was marked mailed by the sender.
    • You will still get "second" and "final" notifications (and cancellation notices) for already-submitted requests for books to which you have not responded.
    • You will still get auto-email reminders to mark your outgoing books mailed before the deadline if you have not done so.

The Vacation Hold DOES hide your Bookshelf from future requests, and will also hide all non-Auto-Requested Wishes.