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Help Center - I have a book on the Club Wish List. Can I contact the wisher?

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There is no way in which you can contact the wishing member directly.   If you Post the book and your ISBN matches, the Wishing member will be alerted. Often it is the case that the member has placed on his or her Wish List the only version(s) of the book he or she is interested in.

  • Once you have a pending request for the book and you have clicked one of the "I can mail" options, you can use the PM button on the request to send a message to the requestor.
  • If the ISBN on the Wished-for item matches the ISBN on your book:
    • It will be offered to the first wishing member in line automatically.
    • If the first wisher has the wish on auto-request, the book will be requested automatically and you will get a request about an hour after posting the book.
  • If the ISBNs do NOT match:
    • we have a feature in place that matches up similar versions of books that are on the Wish List and emails everyone who is wishing for any version of the book. The email notifies them that there is an alternate version of the book available for order.
    • If you would like to "advertise" your book to the membership, you can do this in the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum:
  • Start a topic with the name of the book and the words "Different ISBN available" in the topic title
  • Describe the book in the post itself
  • This method frequently snags attention, and results in a quick request!
  • You can get to the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum by clicking Discussion Forums in the menu under Community in the toolbar at the top of the site.  Once on the Forum main page, scroll down to see Book Bazaar in the list.
  • Be sure to read the "stickied" red topic about how to use the forum, before posting in the Book Bazaar.
  • Note: Forum posting is limited to those subscribed to Annual Membership (Limited and Standard Members).

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