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The Eclectic Pen - Love Now And Then

By: Linda K. (Silver-Night)  
Date Submitted: 9/2/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Women's Fiction
Words: 1,010

  July 1, 2006

As Julie entered the house using the key she knew was hidden in the rose bush by the door, she could already smell Jeff’s odder. It was fantastic that she could smell him even before he came home.

She scanned the room slowly. She had been here many times and knew every item in every room. But she loved to look and see just what Jeff had been doing since the last time she was here. His Playboy mags were still on the coffee table, and you could see his DVD collection on the stand by his big screen TV. Just the thought of what they had done in this room made her start to get those shivers deep down inside.

As she turned and started upstairs her mind went back to the way Jeff touched her and whispered in her ear. Her mind made thoughts so intense she thought she could actually here the whispers. She knew she would have a long wait for Jeff to come home. Well she would wait in his room. God she needed him to be on time to night.

She continued down the hall to the room she knew so well. All the thoughts of that room made her love him even more. When he arrived home she would be waiting right there in that bed. He would have trouble leaving tomorrow to go to work. She loved him so much her heart would race just thinking of him.

She opened the door slowly and as she look through into that room of love. She thought her heart was going to fall out of her chest. The tears rushed to her eyes. Her whole world fell apart in that instant. The love she had would never be again. There Jeff lay sleeping with, that..... Indian girl he had hire to clean his house.

Then she remembered the little darringer pistol Jeff had given her. She had it in her bag. and she removed it slowly first looking at it's pearl handle and then at Jeff with that..... other woman. She raised the gun and fired.

July 1,1867

As Julie’s buggy rolled in to the ranch house yard. She was already getting the hitching weight for the horse. She knew Jeff would be with the ranch hands out on the plains till close to dark.

The ranch house was large for this area, but Jeff knew she loved large homes. Like a castle of the knights of old. Just the thoughts made her head swim as she enter the house. She was feeling a little giddy about showing up here when all the hands would know she was there.

Looking around in the front room she knew every peace of furniture. She still loved to look around the room where Jeff had made love to her that first time. And she had held him in her arms for what seemed an eternity. Even now just the thought made her heart race a little. That was a fantastic feeling. Being that much in love.

As she turned and started up the stairs she could almost hear him whispering to her. She had a smile on her face and a song in her heart as she went to the door of his room. She would turn down the bed and insert that hot water bottle he had gotten from that catalog sow the bed would be warm when he returned.

She opened the door and she was able to see for just a second before her eyes filled with tears and she dropped to her knees. Her face berried in her hand and her hart screaming in her ear. She could see Jeff's face, the surprised look. Then she remembered the little gun in her bag. The one Jeff gave her for protection. He said it was a forty-four forty derringer. She removed it from her bag and fired. She pulled first one trigger then the other as her world went dark.

July 1, 2212

Jeff slowly came out of the darkness that had seemed to hold him for so long. He couldn't clear his mind. He couldn’t even think. He looked around this strange room he was in. It had to be a hospital, but it was so strange. There was a bottle of clear fluid hanging from a metal rack, with a tube running down to his arm. His head was wrapped in heavy bandages. What had happened he ask him self.

The answer came from the corner of the room, where a stocky man in a white coat was standing and writing on something.

The man came to the side of the bed looking down on him. I would say you are one lucky young man, but..... Well I guess you are lucky anyway. If I didn't know better I'd a thought you made that security droid mad, The way he emptied those two stunner packs in you and was starting on the third when they shut him down. And that two hundred year old derringer pistol, still working. You sure put an end to that pretty young lady and her friend in that bed.

Now you'll have to pay the price. I'm going to bid on that little gun when they auction your things after the hearing to pay for court cost and government expenses. Your lungs and heart are in excellent shape, they should bring a very nice price at the auction.

July 1 1867

Jeff woke from his dream in a cold sweat. He looked around the room and at the door to make sure he knew where he was. He look by his side and there was Julie with that cute little smile and her lovely hair all yellow and curly.

He knew then he would have one of the hands hitch up the buggy and they would go into town. There he would have Judge Wilson marry them right there . He would not wait another day. Then when they returned to the ranch as man and wife he would send Little Dove his new house keeper home to her people.

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 9/22/2009 1:43 AM ET
I love how it goes from one time to another. I also loke how the woman killed Jeff. The bastard deserved it.
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