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The Eclectic Pen - Billie Holiday in my Life

By: Nora F. (nora777)   + 58 more  
Date Submitted: 8/30/2020
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 97

  My mother was a big fan of Billie Holiday‚Äôs
I remember an album we had of hers
With a big, beautiful, bright red mouth on the cover
We listened to it often
Such an enchanting voice
So round and full of life
Communicating every emotion
I associated only pleasure with her

But now, listening to the poem*
I was struck by the way it felt:
Vaguely disquieting at first
As it slowly built a sense of dread
And then: the narcs, the cigs, the fancy-dress boys descended
And I started to squirm, my heart beat faster
Until the full menace was revealed with
The sediment in her throat

*The Gardenia, by Cornelius Eady

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