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"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." -- Bertolt Brecht
Bertolt Brecht (; born ; 10 February 1898—14 August 1956) was a German poet, playwright, and theatre director. An influential theatre practitioner of the 20th century, Brecht made equally significant contributions to dramaturgy and theatrical production, the latter particularly through the seismic impact of the tours undertaken by the Berliner Ensemble...the post-war theatre company operated by Brecht and his wife and long-time collaborator, the actress Helene Weigel...with its internationally acclaimed productions.

From his late twenties Brecht remained a life-long committed Marxist who, in developing the combined theory and practice of his 'epic theatre', synthesized and extended the experiments of Erwin Piscator and Vsevolod Meyerhold to explore the theatre as a forum for political ideas and the creation of a critical aesthetics of dialectical materialism. Brecht's modernist concern with drama-as-a-medium led to his refinement of the 'epic form' of the drama. This dramatic form is related to similar modernist innovations in other arts, including the strategy of divergent chapters in James Joyce's novel Ulysses, Sergei Eisenstein's evolution of a constructivist 'montage' in the cinema, and Picasso's introduction of cubist 'collage' in the visual arts. In contrast to many other avant-garde approaches, however, Brecht had no desire to destroy art as an institution; rather, he hoped to 're-function' the theatre to a new social use. In this regard he was a vital participant in the aesthetic debates of his era...particularly over the 'high art/popular culture' dichotomy...vying with the likes of Adorno, Lukács, Bloch, and developing a close friendship with Benjamin. Brechtian theatre articulated popular themes and forms with avant-garde formal experimentation to create a modernist realism that stood in sharp contrast both to its psychological and socialist varieties. "Brecht's work is the most important and original in European drama since Ibsen and Strindberg," Raymond Williams argues, while Peter Bürger dubs him "the most important materialist writer of our time."

Collective and collaborative working methods were inherent to Brecht's approach, as Fredric Jameson (among others) stresses. Jameson describes the creator of the work not as Brecht the individual, but rather as 'Brecht': a collective subject that "certainly seemed to have a distinctive style (the one we now call 'Brechtian') but was no longer personal in the bourgeois or individualistic sense." During the course of his career, Brecht sustained many long-lasting creative relationships with other writers, composers, scenographers, directors, dramaturgs and actors; the list includes: Elisabeth Hauptmann, Margarete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Slatan Dudow, Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Paul Dessau, Caspar Neher, Teo Otto, Karl von Appen, Ernst Busch, Lotte Lenya, Peter Lorre, Therese Giehse, Angelika Hurwicz, Carola Neher, and Helene Weigel herself. This is "theatre as collective experiment [...] as something radically different from theatre as expression or as experience."

There are few areas of modern theatrical culture that have not felt the impact or influence of Brecht's ideas and practices; dramatists and directors in whom one may trace a clear Brechtian legacy include: Dario Fo, Augusto Boal, Joan Littlewood, Peter Brook, Peter Weiss, Heiner Müller, Pina Bausch, Tony Kushner, Robert Bolt and Caryl Churchill. In addition to the theatre, Brechtian theories and techniques have exerted considerable sway over certain strands of film theory and cinematic practice; Brecht's influence may be detected in the films of Jean-Luc Godard, Lindsay Anderson, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Joseph Losey, Nagisa Oshima, Ritwik Ghatak, Lars von Trier, Jan Bucquoy and Hal Hartley.

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Total Books: 538
Bertolt Brecht's Refugee Conversations
The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht
2018 - The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780871407672
ISBN-10: 0871407671
Genre: Literature & Fiction

War Primer
2016 - War Primer (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781784782085
ISBN-10: 1784782084
Genres: History, Politics & Social Sciences

Bertolt Brecht's Meti Book of Interventions in the Flow of Things
The Business Affairs of Mr Julius Caesar
2016 - The Business Affairs of Mr Julius Caesar (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781472582720
ISBN-10: 1472582721
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Love Poems
2015 - Love Poems (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781631491115
ISBN-10: 1631491113
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Collected Short Stories of Bertolt Brecht
2015 - Collected Short Stories of Bertolt Brecht (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781472577511
ISBN-10: 1472577515
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Brecht on Performance Messingkauf and Modelbooks
2015 - Brecht on Performance Messingkauf and Modelbooks [Performance Books] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781408154557
ISBN-10: 1408154552
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Mother Courage and Her Children
2014 - Mother Courage and Her Children (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780957574762
ISBN-10: 0957574762
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Berliner Ensemble Adaptations The Tutor Coriolanus The Trial of Joan of Arc at Rouen 1431 Don Juan Trumpets and Drums
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
2013 - The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui [Modern Plays] (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781472566577
ISBN-10: 1472566572
Genres: History, Literature & Fiction, Reference, Politics & Social Sciences

Fear and Misery in the Third Reich
2013 - Fear and Misery in the Third Reich (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780573701597
ISBN-10: 0573701598
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Hauspostille und Songs der Dreigroschenoper
2013 - Hauspostille Und Songs Der Dreigroschenoper (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9783942656795
ISBN-10: 3942656795

A Life of Galileo
2013 - A Life of Galileo [Modern Plays] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781472507419
ISBN-10: 147250741X
Genres: Arts & Photography, Literature & Fiction, Humor & Entertainment

The Good Person of Szechwan Der gute Mensch von Sezuan
2012 - The Good Person of Szechwan Der Gute Mensch Von Sezuan [Modern Classics] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781408111505
ISBN-10: 1408111500
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Reference

Mother Courage and Her Children Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder
2012 - Mother Courage and Her Children Mutter Courage Und Ihre Kinder [Modern Classics] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781408111512
ISBN-10: 1408111519
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Reference

Radical Thinkers Classics Minima Moralia Culture and Materialism For Marx Aesthetics and Politics
2010 - Radical Thinkers Classics Minima Moralia Culture and Materialism for Marx Aesthetics and Politics [Shrinkwrapped Set - Vol. 1-4 - Radical Thinkers Classics] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9781844676651
ISBN-10: 184467665X
Genre: Nonfiction

The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater 19451985
2010 - The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater 19451985 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780976736455
ISBN-10: 0976736454
Genres: Arts & Photography, Literature & Fiction

Mr Puntila and His Man Matti
2009 - Mr Puntila and His Man Matti [Methuen Drama Modern Plays] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781408100707
ISBN-10: 1408100703
Genre: Literature & Fiction

The Good Person Of Szechwan
2009 - The Good Person of Szechwan [Methuen Student Editions] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781408100073
ISBN-10: 140810007X
Genres: History, Literature & Fiction, Reference

La medida  Santa Juana de los Mataderos  La excepcion y la regla / The Decision  Saint Joan of the Stockyards  The Exception and the Rule
2008 - The Threepenny Opera Study Score [Die Dreigroschenoper] (Paperback)
2008 - L'achat Du Cuivre [French Edition] (Paperback)
2008 - Galileo (Other)Paperback
2008 - Life of Galileo [Penguin Classics] (Paperback)
2008 - The Life of Galileo [Library Edition Audio CDs - L.A. Theatre Works Audio Theatre Collections] (Audio CD)
2008 - The Caucasian Chalk Circle [Modern Plays] (Paperback)Paperback
2007 - Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny [Methuen Drama Modern Plays] (Paperback)
2007 - Aesthetics and Politics [Radical Thinkers] (Paperback)
2006 - Poesie [Italian Edition] (Paperback)
2005 - Historias De Almanaque / Almanac Stories [El Libro De Bolsillo - Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
2005 - Nouvelles [French Edition] (Paperback)
2004 - Escritos Sobre Teatro [Artes escénicas - Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
2004 - 80 Poemas Y Canciones/ 80 Poems and Songs [El Otro Lado / the Other Side - Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
2003 - Brecht on Art Politics [Diaries, Letters and Essays] (Hardcover)
2003 - The Messingkauf Dialogues [Modern Classics] (Paperback)
2003 - The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui Methuen Student Edtion [Methuen Drama Student Editions] (Paperback)
2002 - Poemas Y Canciones / Poems and Songs [El Libro De Bolsillo / the Pocket Book - Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
2002 - Liebe (Hardcover)
2001 - Collected Plays [Bertolt Brecht: Plays, Poetry Prose] (Hardcover)
2000 - Brecht Collected Plays V 4 [World Classics] (Paperback)
2000 - The Tutor [Old Vic Theatre Collection, Vol 2] (Paperback)
1999 - Hundert Gedichte [German Edition] (Paperback)
1999 - Die Heilige Johanna [German Edition] (Paperback)
1998 - Die Massnahme [German Edition] (Paperback)
1998 - Hauspostille [German Edition] (Paperback)
1998 - Baal (Paperback)Paperback
1998 - Hundert Gedichte [100] (Paperback)
1995 - Brechts Dramen Interpretationen [Lernmaterialien] (Paperback)
1995 - Teatro Completo 3 [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
1994 - Brecht Collected Plays [Methuen World Classics] (Paperback)
1994 - Manual of Piety Die Hauspotille [Brecht, Bertolt] (Paperback)
1993 - The Threepenny Opera Baal and the Mother [Three Penny Opera, Baal & the Mother] (Paperback)
1993 - The Good Person of Szechwan Mother Courage and Her Children Fear and Misery 3rd Reich [Good Person of Szechwan, Mother Courage Her Children Fea] (Paperback)
1991 - Collected Plays Saint Joan of the Stockyards V3 [Methuen Modern Plays - Vol 3] (Hardcover)
1990 - Poems and Songs From the Plays [Plays, poetry, and prose / Bertolt Brecht] (Hardcover)
1990 - Fluchtlingsgesprachte [German Edition] (Paperback)
1988 - Fear and Misery in the Third Reich and Senora Carrar's Rifles [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 4, Pt 3] (Paperback)
1988 - Stcke 3 (Hardcover)
1987 - Plays V 1 [Methuen World Dramatists] (Paperback)
1987 - Plays V 3 [Methuen World Dramatists] (Paperback)
1986 - Good Woman of Setzuan [Methuen's Twentieth Century German Texts] (Paperback)
1981 - Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui [20th Century Texts - German Edition] (Paperback)
1981 - Poems 191356 Pts 13 in 1v [Bertolt Brecht: Plays, Poetry & Prose] (Paperback)
1980 - Der Ozeanflug [Edition Suhrkamp - German Edition] (Paperback)
1979 - Collected Plays V 2 [Methuen Modern Plays] (Paperback)
1978 - The Mother [Modern Plays] (Paperback)
1978 - The Days of the Commune [Modern Plays] (Paperback)
1976 - Poems 191356 Pts 13 [His Plays, poetry and prose] (Hardcover)
1972 - The Threepenny Novel [Modern Classics] (Paperback)
1972 - Selected Poems [Clarendon German] (Paperback)
1971 - Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays [His Plays, Poetry, & Prose] (Paperback)
1971 - Mother Courage [MODERN PLAYS] (Paperback)Paperback
1966 - Der Jasager Und Der Neinsager [German Edition] (Paperback)
Threepenny Opera [METHUEN MODERN PLAYS S] (Paperback)
Man Equals Man and the Elephant Calf [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 2, Pt 1] (Paperback)
Brecht Collected Plays Life of Galileo Part 1 [Brecht, Bertolt//Brecht Collected Plays] (Hardcover)
A Respectable Wedding and Other One Act Plays [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 1, Pt 2] (Paperback)
Brecht Collected Plays the Good Person of Szechwan Part 1 [Brecht, Bertolt//Brecht Collected Plays] (Hardcover)
Drums in the Night [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 1, Pt 1] (Paperback)
In the Jungle of Cities [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 1, Pt 3] (Paperback)
The VIsions of Simone Machard Schweyk in the Second World War [Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays, Vol 7 : Part 1] (Paperback)
Puntila [20th Century Texts, German] (Hardcover)
Funf Lehrstucke [20th Century Texts - German Edition] (Paperback)
Poems [Compact Poets S] (Paperback)
L'uppercut [French Edition] (Paperback)
Gedichte 1 [Grosse kommentierte Berliner und Frankfuirter Ausgabe, Band 11] (Hardcover)
Gesammelte Gedichte [in 4 Bd. - Edition Suhrkamp ; 835-838 - German Edition] (Paperback)
Meti Buch Der Wendungen Fragment [Weisses Programm im 33. Jahr Suhrkamp] (Hardcover)
Schriften Zur Politik Und Gesellschaft 19191956 [Suhrkamp Taschenbuch - German Edition] (Other)
Gedichte [Suhrkamp-Taschenbuch ; 251 - German Edition] (Other)
Uber Die Bildenden Kunste [Edition Suhrkamp - German Edition] (Other)
Ausgewahlte Gedichte Brechts Mit Interpretationen [Edition Suhrkamp ; 927 - German Edition] (Other)
Der Untergang Des Egoisten Johann Fatzer [Edition Suhrkamp - German Edition] (Other)
Dreigroschen [German Edition] (Paperback)
Brechts Mann Ist Mann [Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Materialien] (Other)
Brechts Aufhaltsamer Aufstieg Des Arturo Ui [Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Materialien] (Other)
Erlauterungen Zu Bertolt Brecht Herr Puntila Und Sein Knecht Matti [Konigs Erlauterungen und Materialien, Bd. 306] (Other)
Teatro Completo 1 [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Teatro Completo 2 [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Teatro Completo [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Brecht Poemas [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Poemas Y Canciones [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Poemas De Amor [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Mas De Cien Poemas [Spanish Edition] (Paperback)
Cruzada Das Crianas A [Em Portugues do Brasil] (Paperback)
Se Os Tubaroes Fossem Homens [Em Portugues do Brasil] (Hardcover)