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Book cover imageIn Five Years$7.79(save 71%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Rebecca Serle
Book cover imageFurious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee (Random House Large Print)$11.19(save 61%) or
$7.29+1 credit(save 75%)
Casey Cep
Book cover imageThe Chocolate Shark Shenanigans (Chocoholic, Bk 17)$9.89(save 60%) or
$5.99+1 credit(save 76%)
JoAnna Carl
Book cover imageGirls of Summer: A Novel$8.79(save 67%) or
$4.89+1 credit(save 82%)
Nancy Thayer
Book cover imageOlive, Again (Olive Kitteridge, Bk 2)$8.49(save 69%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 83%)
Elizabeth Strout
Book cover imageIn Five Years$8.09(save 52%) or
$4.19+1 credit(save 75%)
Rebecca Serle
Book cover imageThe Queen's Fortune: A Novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and a Dynasty That Outlasted an Empire$9.19(save 67%) or
$5.29+1 credit(save 81%)
Allison Pataki
Book cover imageValentine$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Elizabeth Wetmore
Book cover imageInvisible Girl$8.39(save 70%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 84%)
Lisa Jewell
Book cover imageFinding Dorothy: A Novel$7.59(save 73%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 87%)
Elizabeth Letts
Book cover imageFall, Or Dodge in Hell$8.39(save 76%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 87%)
Neal Stephenson
Book cover imageWord to the Wise (Library Lover's, Bk 10)$7.29(save 72%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Jenn McKinlay
Book cover imageThe Chelsea Girls: A Novel$10.59(save 63%) or
$6.69+1 credit(save 77%)
Fiona Davis
Book cover imageThe Editor$9.49(save 65%) or
$5.59+1 credit(save 79%)
Steven Rowley
Book cover imageThe Sweeney Sisters$7.79(save 72%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Lian Dolan
Book cover imageRed Letter Days$6.49(save 62%) or
$2.59+1 credit(save 85%)
Sarah-Jane Stratford
Book cover imageThe Chain$7.29(save 74%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 88%)
Adrian McKinty
Book cover imageCatherine House: A Novel$10.39(save 63%) or
$6.49+1 credit(save 77%)
Elisabeth Thomas
Book cover imageHow Quickly She Disappears$8.19(save 69%) or
$4.29+1 credit(save 84%)
Raymond Fleischmann
Book cover imageHere and Now and Then$10.99(save 59%) or
$7.09+1 credit(save 74%)
Mike Chen
Book cover imageDisappearing Earth: A novel$8.99(save 67%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 81%)
Julia Phillips
Book cover imageUnmarriageable: A Novel$9.99(save 63%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 77%)
Soniah Kamal
Book cover imageTidelands (Fairmile, Bk 1)$8.60(save 69%) or
$4.70+1 credit(save 83%)
Philippa Gregory
Book cover imageShe Lies in Wait: A Novel$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Gytha Lodge
Book cover imageMonogamy$7.79(save 73%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 87%)
Sue Miller
Book cover imageThe Mercies$10.19(save 62%) or
$6.29+1 credit(save 77%)
Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Book cover imageChances Are . . .: A novel$11.89(save 59%) or
$7.99+1 credit(save 72%)
Richard Russo
Book cover imageThe Innocents: A Novel$7.79(save 71%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Michael Crummey
Book cover imageAll This Could Be Yours$7.79(save 70%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 85%)
Jami Attenberg
Book cover imageThe New Wilderness$8.59(save 69%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Diane Cook
Book cover imageThe Wife Stalker$9.59(save 66%) or
$5.69+1 credit(save 80%)
Liv Constantine
Book cover imageThe Body in Question: A Novel$8.39(save 66%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 82%)
Jill Ciment
Book cover imageHer Last Flight: A Novel$8.59(save 69%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Beatriz Williams
Book cover imageBurn Bright (Alpha and Omega, Bk 5)$8.09(save 70%) or
$4.19+1 credit(save 84%)
Patricia Briggs
Book cover imageSons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty$8.19(save 70%) or
$4.29+1 credit(save 84%)
Ramona Ausubel
Book cover imageHollow Kingdom (Hollow Kingdom, Bk 1)$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Kira Jane Buxton
Book cover imageThe Gifted School: A Novel$11.09(save 60%) or
$7.19+1 credit(save 74%)
Bruce Holsinger
Book cover imageRodham$10.59(save 62%) or
$6.69+1 credit(save 76%)
Curtis Sittenfeld
Book cover imageThe Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna: A Novel$8.09(save 71%) or
$4.19+1 credit(save 85%)
Juliet Grames
Book cover imagePark Avenue Summer$6.69(save 58%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 83%)
Renée Rosen
Book cover imageThe Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race$12.99(save 63%) or
$9.09+1 credit(save 74%)
Walter Isaacson
Book cover imageMrs. Sherlock Holmes: The True Story of New York's City's Greatest Female Detective and the 1917 Missing Girl Case that Captivated a Nation$9.39(save 66%) or
$5.49+1 credit(save 80%)
Brad Ricca
Book cover imageStrangers and Cousins: A Novel$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Leah Hager Cohen
Book cover imageDrawing Home$8.19(save 71%) or
$4.29+1 credit(save 85%)
Jamie Brenner
Book cover imageWe Must Be Brave$7.89(save 71%) or
$3.99+1 credit(save 85%)
Frances Liardet
Book cover imageNothing More Dangerous$8.19(save 70%) or
$4.29+1 credit(save 84%)
Allen Eskens
Book cover imageCemetery Road: A Novel$7.79(save 73%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 87%)
Greg Iles
Book cover imageI Was Told It Would Get Easier$6.59(save 59%) or
$2.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Abbi Waxman
Book cover imageThe Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After$8.49(save 69%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 83%)
Julie Yip-Williams
Book cover imageI Regret Nothing: A Memoir$8.39(save 69%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Jen Lancaster
Book cover imageThe Engineer's Wife$10.59(save 61%) or
$6.69+1 credit(save 75%)
Tracey Enerson Wood
Book cover imageFeels Like Falling$6.69(save 61%) or
$2.79+1 credit(save 84%)
Kristy Woodson Harvey
Book cover imageWhere the Light Enters$9.69(save 64%) or
$5.79+1 credit(save 79%)
Sara Donati
Book cover imageA Dangerous Collaboration (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery)$9.89(save 62%) or
$5.99+1 credit(save 77%)
Deanna Raybourn
Book cover imageFrom the Corner of the Oval: A Memoir$7.29(save 74%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 88%)
Beck Dorey-Stein
Book cover imageShe Left Me the Gun: My Mother's Life Before Me$6.29(save 77%) or
$2.39+1 credit(save 91%)
Emma Brockes
Book cover imageThese Women$7.79(save 72%) or
$3.89+1 credit(save 86%)
Ivy Pochoda
Book cover imageRed Clocks: A Novel$6.19(save 64%) or
$2.29+1 credit(save 87%)
Leni Zumas
Book cover imageNatural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer$8.30(save 69%) or
$4.40+1 credit(save 84%)
Barbara Ehrenreich
Book cover imageThe Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth$8.19(save 72%) or
$4.29+1 credit(save 85%)
Josh Levin
Book cover imageThe Two Lives of Lydia Bird$8.39(save 68%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Josie Silver
Book cover imageBig Sky$8.39(save 70%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 84%)
Kate Atkinson
Book cover imageGingerbread: A Novel$8.80(save 70%) or
$4.90+1 credit(save 83%)
Helen Oyeyemi
Book cover imageThe Only Woman in the Room$11.79(save 31%) or
$7.89+1 credit(save 54%)
Marie Benedict
Book cover imageThe Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls$7.69(save 70%) or
$3.79+1 credit(save 85%)
Anissa Gray
Book cover imageCoached to Death (Life Coach, Bk 1)$8.29(save 68%) or
$4.39+1 credit(save 83%)
Victoria Laurie
Book cover imageThe Other's Gold: A Novel$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Elizabeth Ames
Book cover imageBiased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do$9.99(save 64%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 78%)
Jennifer L. Eberhardt PhD
Book cover imageLost Children Archive: A novel$10.19(save 64%) or
$6.29+1 credit(save 77%)
Valeria Luiselli
Book cover imageAmerican Spy$15.09(save 44%) or
$11.19+1 credit(save 59%)
Lauren Wilkinson
Book cover imageHeaven, My Home (Highway 59, Bk 2)$7.49(save 72%) or
$3.59+1 credit(save 87%)
Attica Locke
Book cover imageThe Travelers: A Novel$8.99(save 67%) or
$5.09+1 credit(save 81%)
Regina Porter
Book cover imageKeep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age$10.69(save 62%) or
$6.79+1 credit(save 76%)
Sanjay Gupta MD
Book cover imageEarly Riser: A Novel$9.09(save 68%) or
$5.19+1 credit(save 81%)
Jasper Fforde
Book cover imageTwo Truths and a Lie: A Novel$8.89(save 68%) or
$4.99+1 credit(save 82%)
Meg Mitchell Moore
Book cover imageThe Janes: An Alice Vega Novel$9.99(save 63%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 77%)
Louisa Luna
Book cover imageOnly Child: A novel$8.39(save 68%) or
$4.49+1 credit(save 83%)
Rhiannon Navin
Book cover imageHere for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America; Essays$9.69(save 63%) or
$5.79+1 credit(save 78%)
R. Eric Thomas
Book cover imageThe Largesse of the Sea Maiden: Stories$7.29(save 73%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Denis Johnson
Book cover imageI'd Give Anything: A Novel$9.09(save 68%) or
$5.19+1 credit(save 81%)
Marisa de los Santos
Book cover imageThe Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness$8.49(save 70%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 84%)
Susannah Cahalan
Book cover imageThe Reckless Oath We Made$8.29(save 68%) or
$4.39+1 credit(save 83%)
Bryn Greenwood
Book cover imageFinding Chika: A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a Family (Larger Print)$10.69(save 60%) or
$6.79+1 credit(save 75%)
Mitch Albom
Book cover imageJacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy$9.49(save 84%) or
$5.59+1 credit(save 91%)
Caroline Kennedy, Michael Beschloss
Book cover imageWhen Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father's War and What Remains$8.10(save 71%) or
$4.20+1 credit(save 85%)
Ariana Neumann
Book cover imageOnce More We Saw Stars: A Memoir$8.49(save 66%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 82%)
Jayson Greene
Book cover imageThe Winter Soldier$8.59(save 69%) or
$4.69+1 credit(save 83%)
Daniel Mason
Book cover imageChase Darkness with Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders$9.69(save 63%) or
$5.79+1 credit(save 78%)
Billy Jensen
Book cover imageA Killer Edition (Booktown, Bk 13)$10.19(save 61%) or
$6.29+1 credit(save 76%)
Lorna Barrett
Book cover imageThe Prized Girl: A Novel$7.29(save 72%) or
$3.39+1 credit(save 87%)
Amy K. Green
Book cover imageWaking Lions$9.99(save 62%) or
$6.09+1 credit(save 77%)
Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
Book cover imageGoodnight Beautiful: A Novel$10.69(save 64%) or
$6.79+1 credit(save 77%)
Aimee Molloy
Book cover imageThe Book of Candlelight (Secret, Book & Scone Society, Bk 3)$8.49(save 67%) or
$4.59+1 credit(save 82%)
Ellery Adams
Book cover imageAkin$8.79(save 69%) or
$4.89+1 credit(save 83%)
Emma Donoghue
Book cover imageThe Stars Are Fire: A novel (Random House Large Print)$10.49(save 63%) or
$6.59+1 credit(save 76%)
Anita Shreve
Book cover imageThe Original Ginny Moon$7.59(save 72%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 86%)
Benjamin Ludwig
Book cover imageThe Paragon Hotel$11.39(save 56%) or
$7.49+1 credit(save 71%)
Lyndsay Faye
Book cover imageThe Island of Sea Women: A Novel$7.59(save 58%) or
$3.69+1 credit(save 80%)
Lisa See
Book cover imageSomeone Like You (The Baxter Family)$10.29(save 60%) or
$6.39+1 credit(save 75%)
Karen Kingsbury
Book cover imageLilli de Jong: A Novel$7.39(save 73%) or
$3.49+1 credit(save 87%)
Janet Benton
1 to 100 of 4591 - Results per page: - Page:
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