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Details on Donating Books to Ponemah Elementary School

Charity Ponemah Elementary School

Thank you, PaperbackSwap Members!

This school has met its goals.

We hit our Book Credits goal!

We've raised 655 of 655 credits needed. (2 members have donated)655 Credits ↓

Ponemah Elementary was adopted by Danny Nelms with a donation of 555 credits

and Alice Brown with a donation of 100 credits

Originally a Kentucky boy, but a self proclaimed “Army Brat” raised overseas in West Germany, Danny Nelms discovered a love of reading early in life.  He has lived on both coasts of the United States and has a real passion for books, as well as for our nation and its people.  He chose Ponemah Elementary School because, in his words, “Who else could be more worthy of our book donations than the children of the American Indians of this great country?”

Danny's Wish:  "I hope these books will be loved, enjoyed, and accepted in the spirit of sharing and friendship.  Everyone I have ever met has been nothing but a good life experience - rich or poor, young or old. I feel privileged to help in this effort, and want to thank for this opportunity in the Books for Schools program”.



Alice Brown has always been a reader.  Her love of reading was inspired by her mother who was a voracious reader and a woman of wide and varied interests.  As a teenager, they often read the same books and enjoyed sharing their thoughts on them in their own small, intimate book club for two. 

Alice chose to make this gift because, in her words, “I think it is very important to cultivate a love of reading in others whenever possible.  Young people need to be encouraged to read and they need to be shown how reading can open up a whole world of possibilities for them.  It can inspire imagination, new ideas, and help them to understand and appreciate diversity and be more tolerant of others. I like to think that reading has made me a better person!”


Followup Images:CharityCharityCharityCharityCharityCharityCharity
Update from the Ponemah Elementary School:


Ponemah Elementary sends pictures and many thanks.  We took pictures of Ponemah staff holding up the certificates by the donated books.  Each student received two (some three books) to bring home and read this summer.  It was an amazing (goose bump chilling) experience.  I can’t thank PBS, AliceBrown, and Danny Nelms enough!

              One class (their teacher is fluent in Ojibwe) wrote their thank you in Ojibwe. 

  Miigwech! (thank you)


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Thanks Alice for recommending this wonderful school!
Danny N. (Alameda) - ,
05/17/2011 08:33 PM

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