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Details on Donating Books/PBS Money to Meyer Elementary - TX

Charity Meyer Elementary - TX

Thank you, PaperbackSwap Members!

This school has met its goals.

We hit our Book Credits goal!

We've raised 1763 of 1750 credits needed. (53 members have donated)1750 Credits ↓

We hit our PBS Money goal!

We've raised $263.10 of $263.00 needed. (36 members have donated)$263.00 in PBS Money ↓
Meyer Elementary is a pre-k thru 5th grade campus, set up as following 3-pre k classes, 5 kindergarten classes, 6 first grade classes, 6 second grade classes, 5 third grade classes, 6 fourth grade classes and 5 fifth grade classes. We are a title one school that is growing fast with the new blooming neighborhoods surrounding our area.
We serve about 650 students per year, most of which are ESL students who are very eager to learn.

It would mean the absolute world to us to be able to give students a book of their own to take home, as most of our students do not have the proper materials at home to help them become strong readers.

Our students are more than deserving and make teaching so much fun. I am so lucky to be a part of Meyer Elementary and get to work with them and their families everyday. We appreciate all that you do for our future leaders. 

Our actual campus was not affected by the flooding/hurricane in August. However, many of our students,their families and our surrounding area was.  We have a lot of students who are now at our campus because they are displaced from their homes.  Many of them are living in motels around our school because they lost their homes.  They will be at our campus for probably the remainder of the year since their schools and homes are all needing to be renovated.  We have added portables to help accommodate all of the incoming students we are receiving.

Jenna Hodges
Kindergarten Teacher
Meyer Elementary School

Followup Images:CharityCharityCharityCharityCharityCharity
Update from the Meyer Elementary - TX:

We received the books and had some extremely excited students!!! Guardian of the Galaxy chapter books were a huge hit in the upper grades and Paddington/Monster High were a huge hit in the younger grades.  From the bottom of our hearts thank you again so much.  I had teary eyes all day from the excitement/thank yous from each kiddo.

Here are some pictures of our awesome students getting to choose their book.  They were so beyond excited and happy.  I tried to catch each grade level as they came through (pre-k through 5th) but got excited with them a few times and missed some pictures.  Thank you again for everything.   I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and please know how truly happy you made these kiddos.  I appreciate all that you all do each and every day! 


Jenna Hodges
Kindergarten Teacher
Meyer Elementary School

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I was surprised to see an active school out here today and was happy to be able to contribute. In the past my timing was off and the donations had been closed when I saw the schools posted. Doubly sweet that it is in Texas. This was a terrible year for so many Texans with the flooding we saw. My community was untouched, just 111 miles inland from the gulf. We opened a new elementary school this year and completed renovations on all the school campuses. It is a great way to celebrate Christmas this year!
Marie N. (pottergal)
12/17/2017 10:32 PM
It does my heart good to see children so excited about receiving books. Books have always been a big part of my life from a young age. I hope this gesture brings the joy of reading for a lifetime for these kiddos. Vickie
Vickie B. (glam-ma) - ,
12/20/2017 11:55 AM
I accumulate way more credits than I'll ever use in my lifetime and love to be able to help a little to pass on my love of reading to schools that need some books. Great that we have PaperBackSwap to assist us and the schools with this awesome venture!
Lisa R. (alterlisa) - ,
12/20/2017 03:20 PM
Great to see that the books got to the kiddos before Christmas and to hear how happy they were to get them! Thank you Richard and crew for making this happen and the same to all who donated. PBS peeps are the best!
Marie N. (pottergal)
12/20/2017 04:23 PM
I was thrilled to see the photos of the students excited about the books. My donation went to a very good cause. Kids, keep reading. It is a great way to see and learn about the world, and yourself. Ralph Wondra, a lifetime reader.
Ralph W.
12/21/2017 01:07 AM

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