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Details on Donating Books/PBS Money to Haverstraw Elementary - NY

Charity Haverstraw Elementary - NY

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Haverstraw Elementary School holds a very special place in the hearts of many within our district.  In the 80 years the school has been in existence, it has served as a high school, a middle school and now an elementary school.  Virtually everyone in this district is related to someone who was an alumni of our school at one point in time!
Throughout the building there are many references to our emphasis on literacy.  You will see that the original architects included images of books into the interior and exterior design of the building.  In addition to the visual reminders, our School Improvement Team has identified the following goals related to literacy:  
  • School-wide focus on reading and writing
  • Professional development for all teachers around literacy
  • Provide access to books
  • Provide activities to assist parents with at-home literacy development, including out-of-school time
You will notice one of our goals is to provide our students with access to books, both in school and at home. "Ensuring that books are available to any child at any time of the year will be a good first step in enhancing the reading achievement of low-income students and an absolutely necessary step in closing the reading achievement gap.” (Anne McGill Franzen and Richard Allington, 2009).
Due to the various levels of reading and language ability of our students, we could benefit from books at all reading levels.
We thank you for considering our school.
Thank you,
Jennifer E. Luongo
Assistant Principal

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