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Details on Donating Books to Chandler & Chamberlain Elementary Memory of Sherry Nisly

Charity Chandler & Chamberlain Elementary Memory of Sherry Nisly

Thank you, PaperbackSwap Members!

This school has met its goals.

We hit our Book Credits goal!

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In Memory of Sherry Nisly


November 23, 2010

We are all very sorry to hear about the passing of Sherry (Royaltech), one of our beloved members here at   Sherry was with us for many years and will be remembered fondly as someone who was always willing to help out others and to share in her knowledge of the club.

Sherry was selected as a Member of the Month, Book Data Collector, Book Cover Image Approver, and ever helpful Tour Guide.  She was a Friend of PBS (Gold Level), donated to our Military Donation Book Drive and the School Book programs.  She was also instrumental in the first publishing of our very own member contributed PBS Cook Book.

Box-O-Books Member
Member of the Month
Book Cover Image Approver
Book Data Coordinator
Tour Guide
Donated to Books for Schools
Friend of PBS--Gold Level
Military Donation Program

In memory of Sherry, her husband Marcus (also a club member) and family, have asked that we set up a book donation memorial for her.   The two schools that her family have chosen are very special to their family.   Sherry and all three of her children attended Chandler Elementary School and Chamberlin Elementary School both in Goshen, Indiana.

The family has asked that members contribute book credits in her memory so that we can provide new books to the children of these elementary schools.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.  If you could, we ask that you take a few moments and remember Sherry for the wonderful things that she did for our club.   On behalf of the family, thanks in advance for your consideration and support.


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Update from the Chandler & Chamberlain Elementary Memory of Sherry Nisly:

May 2011 update

New photos from Chamberlain Elementary School as the kids enjoy the new books!

March 2011 update

The first six photos are from Chandler Elementary School.  They loved the books!


Goshen News, Goshen, IN

December 10, 2010

Woman's love of reading being passed on by online pals



Sherry Nisly loved to turn the pages of a good book.

Now, 18 days after her death, hundreds of Goshen children will have a chance to embrace reading for their own lifetimes.

The family of the late Sherry L. Nisly, who died Nov. 23 after a two and one-half year battle with cancer, Friday presented plaques to two Goshen schools that will benefit from a donation of 1,500 books in her memory.

Mrs. Nisly obtained many of her books through the online service Members of the organization mail each other books and accrue credits for each book traded. They then can use those credits to select books from other members.

After Mrs. Nisly died, her husband Marcus, also an avid reader and member of the Web group, posted a notice about her death. Memorial donations then began to flow in to honor her.

Donations and her credits for books from her involvement will allow the organization to provide 1,500 books to two Goshen elementary schools.

"Within a few days, they maxed out for 1,500 credits," her son, Eric Nisly, Goshen, said. He explained his mother attended both Chamberlain and Chandler elementary schools and Eric and his brother, Todd, attended Chandler, so those schools were targeted to benefit from the book donations.

Eric and his father announced the gifts to the schools and their libraries Friday.

Eric explained his mother "always enjoyed reading. She worked with me (on reading)," when he was a student. She also volunteered a couple years at Chandler, he said.

"We were flabbergasted," said Chamberlain Principal Don Jantzi. He said the announcement sounded too good to be true and just came out of the blue. "We thought someone was pulling our leg."

"We are thrilled to have 750 books coming," he said. He noted that Sherry attended Chamberlain and at least one staff member there still remembers her.

"It’s great fun. It’s like winning the lottery," said Lisa Lederach, principal at Chandler Elementary School. She said school officials will be able to pick out 750 paperback books from Scholastic Books for the school’s library.

"It’s a very cool thing," Lederach said. "Blessings to Sherry and her family."

She said she understood that Sherry was a student for a time at Chandler, but went on to Chamberlain.

"She wanted to honor the schools," she said.

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Sherry personified PBS for me; always helpful and friendly. I will miss, and already do, her presence in the Forums. Go with God, Sherry.
SALLY W. (thameslink) -
11/25/2010 10:20 AM
Thank you all from my family and I. We are touch deeply by the outpouring of thoughts and prayers and the generousity of everyone. God Bless you all, Marcus
Marcus N. (Handlebars)
11/25/2010 01:24 PM
Some people come into our lives for a season and leave their footprints on our hearts and lives forever. Sherry was one of these people. She will live on in the hearts of not only her loving family but ALL those she touched here at PBS. Her legacy will live on at the school where the books will be placed in her name. What a wonderful human being Sherry was! I am proud that she considered me a friend.
Cozette M. (CozSnShine) - ,
11/28/2010 04:02 PM
She was such a sweet and helpful member. She will be missed here at PBS. My condolences to her family and friends.
Shannon Y. (dolphinlover)
11/29/2010 04:10 PM
Family first - Books a close second! Now here's a woman I would have loved knowing. Hugs and smiles for her family and friends! Judy/JDT
Judy D. (JDT)
11/29/2010 07:24 PM
I just met Sherry last month through PBS and what a lovely encounter it was. Sweet Sherry. I hope there is a library in heaven just for you! May peace and great memories be in the hearts of your family.
Manda G. (chickpicks) - ,
11/29/2010 07:53 PM
I didn't know Sherry and am honored to help out with a donation to the schools mention in memory of her! God Bless!
Lori M B. (knockknock)
11/29/2010 10:37 PM
Please accept my sympathy on your loss. I did not know Sherry but have benifited by her help to the club. I wish for you and yours to find peace. I am sure she is helping out at heaven's gates.
Mary C. (Cricor)
11/29/2010 10:43 PM
My deepest sympathy for your loss. As sweet and helpful as Sherry always was, she is a great loss for all of us as well. She will brighten heaven with her positive outlook. Dianne (gardngal)
Dianne (gardngal)
11/30/2010 12:51 AM
Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Sherry's family. I hope that the 25 credits that I donated will help out in getting to that 1,000 goal that is being worked on in Sherry's honor. I didn't know Sherry well, but I do know that when I needed help she was their for me and I thank her from every fiber of my being for being the gracious and kind hearted woman that she was. Fly high with those Angels and save us PBS's a seat near you. You can hold up a sign that says PBS this way, but regardless we will find you again. I had so much going on with the loss of my 2 brothers that I lost keeping up with what was going on with Sherry. I was and still am totally overwhelmed to see this when I logged on today. I knew Tracy very well and am looking for something similar to this memorial that has Tracy's love all around it. If there is one anywhere could someone pm me and let me know how to find it? Rest in peace Sherry and you'll never be forgotten. Even if not knowing you that well. In my heart I knew you. Many many blessings to your family and you'll be missed, but yet again we'll see you in PBS's corner up their in that big beautiful place called heaven. Your smile will always be brighter than any sunshine i've seen. Go with God. The Palmer's Edward and Cyndi....Gastonia, NC "Sadielynn"
sadielynn -
11/30/2010 03:09 PM
I'll miss Sherry, talked to her on a number of occasions while she was setting up PBS meetings where she lived. I hope the credits I donated will help! It was an honor to know Sherry and I know she will be sitting in Heaven's library reading!
Jenny H. (ilovechattybird) - ,
11/30/2010 08:36 PM
My sincere sympathy to Sherry's Family. I was one of the few lives she touched and will miss her. My first encounter was 3 1/2 years ago when she was my very first boxer and have traded many times since. Her PM's always made me laugh and she helped me through several PBS problems and I will miss not having her to turn to. Take Care, Lisa
Lisa W. (WAL) -
12/02/2010 12:50 AM
Am so sorry to hear of the passing of Sherry...she provided assistance numerous times when I needed "live help" thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this difficult time...I will certainly miss my fellow "hoosier" pbs friend. I am honored to have a chance to make a donation of credits to her Goshen school system in her name....I will miss you Royaltech. Debra N (booksrgreat)
Debra N. (booksrgreat) -
12/02/2010 11:11 PM
Sherry helped me out several years ago when I first started swapping. If it wasn't for my early swaps with Sherry, I would still be losing books in the mail do to my poor packaging skills! She was always friendly & helpful, & was so understanding when one of my packages fell apart in the mail & she only recieved pieces of it. She gladly accepted a replacement of alternate books & gave me so many tips. I had not swapped with her lately, but always thought of her in the back of my head when I was "over-taping" my larger swap packages. :) I don't have much to donate by way of credits, but I hope my one helps. You're missed already Sherry!
Jennifer H. (ca1ypso)
12/03/2010 04:56 AM
Oh my, I only wrote her a couple of months ago and she never mentioned she had become so ill. I knew her while working on the cookbook with her, swapped books with her and dear handlebars, just heart breaking. Iknow her dear family will miss her so much. Just breaks my heart. Dear Sherry, fly with the angels, be our new shining star in the sky and eat whatever you want. You will be missed always. Hugs Pat
Pat H. (nvhistorybuff) - ,
12/09/2010 10:50 PM
A big Thank You to all who donated. My son and I presented the plaque to the schools yesterday. They were elated to receive the books. At frist they thought the email from PBS was just another spam email. The Goshen News did an article on the book donation to the schools. It was front page headlines in this mornings paper. Here is a link to the story. They did a very nice job on it. Again Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and the donations. My family and I appreciate it very much.
Marcus N. (Handlebars)
12/11/2010 05:45 PM
The other day I went to the drug store to pick up my prescriptions. When I was checking out one of the pharmacists came over to the window and wanted to thank me for my part in the book donation to Chandler. Her 2 children have enjoyed the books they recieved. This has happened numerous times. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this donation possible, Marcus Nisly
Marcus N. (Handlebars)
04/09/2011 09:49 AM

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