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Details on Donating Books/PBS Money to Cedarwood Alternative ES - OH

Charity Cedarwood Alternative ES - OH

Thank you, PaperbackSwap Members!

This school has met its goals.

We hit our Book Credits goal!

We've raised 1021 of 1000 credits needed. (43 members have donated)1000 Credits ↓

We hit our PBS Money goal!

We've raised $166.83 of $165.00 needed. (17 members have donated)$165.00 in PBS Money ↓

Cedarwood is a Columbus City School on the south side of Columbus, OH.  We are a Project Adventure School, where our students learn through experiential learning. During Project Adventure our students learn trust, communication,  challenge, cooperation, and problem solving to complete experiential learning activities like rock wall climbing and ropes courses.  Our students learn to lean on their peers to accomplish goals. 

Our school is made up of 428 students who live in households with lower socio-economic status and do not have books readily available at home.  We are a title one school with 100% of our students receiving free and reduced lunches.  We are a very diverse school with 36.68% black students, 6.5% Hispanic students, 2.1% Asian students, 10.98% multi-racial students, and 43.69% white students. 

At Cedarwood, the goal of our staff is to find avenues to put books in the hands of our students because even though our district provides us with digital resources, they are not the same as the experience, of holding a book and reading it.  I am on the literacy committee and we would like to hold a drive-up event where we share books with our students.  We would love for your organization to help us in any way possible.  It is very important to our students' success that they have books to read. 

Heather Thompson 🙂
Cedarwood ES Instructional Coach 

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