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Details on Donating Books/PBS Money to Primary School 280Q - NY

Charity Primary School 280Q - NY

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Primary School 280Q in Queens, NY. is a Title 1 school located in Jackson Heights, serving approximately 580 students from Kindergarten through 4th Grade (ages 5 - 9). Most of our families, therefore, are under serviced in the city (little/non existent health care, low economic status, etc). As a community hub, we try to utilize every resource around us to assist families that may be enduring difficult economic or social obstacles, or simply need a support system to guide them through tough times.

With the Christmas/holiday season approaching , we would love for our students to feel the warm spirit of being thought of and appreciated despite their current living situations. Many families struggle to make ends meet let alone being able to provide their children with a simple gift this holiday season. Therefore, if possible, we would like for most if not all of our students to receive a small gift this year. A small book for a child can make a huge educational difference in their lives.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance and effort you would be able to put forth to help our vision become a reality.Your support through a book donation will truly go a long way in helping us help our community.

On behalf of the entire staff here at 280, we thank you in advance for your time and attention in helping our student.

Ms. Lammering
Guidance Counselor

P.S 280Q

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I picked your school out of the 4 available because I love your school Motto! Good luck in your fundraising!
Mary W. (fluffypuppy)
12/10/2015 12:06 PM
It made me so happy reading the description of your school, and plus I am from NY, so just had to donate. Hope you do this for your students every year, it is really so heartwarming!!!
Regina L.
12/15/2015 08:54 AM
I would like your address. I am a retired NYC teacher (music, Queens) and have some books that I would like to donate to your school. Living near NYC, I am familiar with the circumstances in which many families find themselves.
Irma N. (townhousegal)
08/13/2016 12:51 AM

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